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Voting Results
†Istimewa 56% †Bagus 35% †Standar 5% †Buruk 5%

Governor's Replay
Examples of The Responses Governor
No. of Letter 12 Country INDONESIA Assalamu'alaikum warkhmatullohi wabarokaatuh, Can you help me, how can I find my brothers from a family genealogy binseif in your country, because according to elders, my ancestors came from the land of Hadramaut, so I'm sure, they are still there, thank you
No. of Letter 11 Country indonesia Assalamu'alaykum wa rohmatulloh wa barokatuh.. I hope you and your family and your people are healthy and fine. Dear Governor, My grandmother, around 80 years old. Her name is Mandu Chaeroni binti Haji Sodli bin Haji Umar bin Haji Rasimin bin Jeran, has a sister. Her sister was born in Jakarta 2 years after my grandmother was born. Her sister's name, Wantalhah binti Sayyid Hamid and she called her 'Syarifah'. She and my grandmother are sisters from the same mother. Their mother was the late Romlah binti Haji Abdurrahman. My grandmother's parents was Haji Sodli bin Haji Umar bin Haji Rasimin bin Jeran and Romlah binti Haji Abdurrahman. (the late Haji Umar once lived in Mekkah, precisely at Jabal Qubis, to learn and study about Islam. He had lived there for 13 years. The late Haji Umar was cousin to Guru Mughni, one of great origin ulama Betawi in Jakarta). The late Romlah binti Haji Abdurrahman divorced from Haji Sodli and married with Sayyid Hamid. From their marriage, born Wantalhah. (Romlah's uncle, brother of her father, was one of teacher/ustadz in Kuningan Barat, Mampang Prapatan. Her uncle's name Kyai Haji Abdul Rochim) She was around 7 years old when her father, Sayyid Hamid, took her to Hadramaut to live with their big family. After that, we lose contact from her. We don't have any picture of her nor her father. And I'm not sure I have my great grandmother's picture either. Now we only have our grandmother's memory which will disappear when she dies. At least, while she lives, we want she can meet her younger sister. Because, she is the only child from the late Haji Sodli bin Haji Umar and the late Romlah binti Haji Abdurrahman. I wonder perhaps you have have information channel to look for her on behalf us? We do believe Allah Subhanahu wa Ta'ala will lead us the way to bring them united together, and silaturahim between them won't be broke. We thank you and your people for all your support. Deeply truly regards, Wassalamu'alaykum wa rohmatulloh wa barokatuh marwiyah binti haji mardjani jalan poncol jaya no. 73, rt. 012 rw. 004 kuningan barat mampang prapatan jakarta selatan 12710 indonesia +622152964475

Walaikum salam wr. wb. Terima kasih Surat anda telah diserahkan langsung ke Bapak Gubernur Hadhramaut Yaman Wassalam

No. of Letter 10 Country Indonesia Assalamu'alaikum Wr Wb. Dear Governor, I always interest about farming, so i'm very sad to see dry land. I have some good ideas to make your country green and fresh. 1. I have idea to destilate saline water with simple technology for good farming. 2. I have idea to try some tree/plants (from Indonesia) in Hadhramaut land 3. I have some good idea farm technology for dry land. 4. Hadhramaut also have big potential for Sun/Solar Electrical Power to support this project. I hope could make Hadhramaut shade and more fresh. It's beautiful mind. Wassalamu'alaikum Wr Wb.
No. of Letter 9 Country indonesia bisakah saya dibantu untuk menemukan silsilah al gisymar?
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